Recycled Fish Sizzle
Recycled Fish is the national non-profit organization of anglers (people who love to fish) living a "lifestyle of stewardship" both on and off the water, because our lifestyle runs downstream.

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Ice Fishing 201
Last year (winter 2007 / 2008) our "Ice Fishing 101" video covered some of the basics of ice fishing. New for the second "Recycled Fish On Ice" tour, some of the best sticks on the ice show what it takes to go the next step in ice fishing. Special thanks to Ryan Hale of Hale's Guide Service on the Iowa Great Lakes and Ice Team Power Sticks Don Cox and Dave Fehlhafer. Get more on the Recycled Fish "On Ice" tour at

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Ice Fishing 101 - UPDATE 08.wmv
Learn to ice fish in under 4 minutes! This video was used to promote our Recycled Fish "On Ice" tour in 2008. We'll be back on hard water in 2009 so look for the "Ice Fishing 201" video. We cut out our tour & sponsor info to eliminate any confusion with this video, so there's one weird transition near the end where that is cut out. We remain grateful to our sponsors and all of the great people who helped make our first Recycled Fish "On Ice" tour a success! Special thanks to Grabber warmers and Dick's Sporting Goods who join us again for the 2009 "On Ice" season.

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Fall Evening with Recycled Fish: Ask the Experts
The fall Evening with Recycled Fish featured a panel of experts talking about fall fishing. It turned out to be our biggest event so far in the Evenings with Recycled Fish series, and our panel of experts did a great job helping guests capitalize on the great fishing found during fall. On top of that, a wine tasting from Redwood Creek Wines and a beer tasting featuring Budweiser American Ale and Samuel Adams Oktoberfest kept the festivities lively. To tie it all together, Islamoradas Chef John Schow gave a live cooking demonstration on cooking fish with beer & wine. Door and raffle prizes, a live and silent auction, and a room full of happy people supporting our lakes, streams and seas made for a night to remember. See for yourself with this quick video replay.

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